We are John DiMedio Design. We specialize in high-end, high-quality visual identity and branding design for small-to-medium-sized businesses, organizations, freelancers, companies, non-profits, and much more. Simply put, we can help your business look more professional, which will help you attract more customers and improve your overall sales.

Visual identities and branding are more important than ever, mainly because you are constantly marketing your company in ways that didn’t exist until recently. These include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your own website, and many more marketing mediums. It's imperative that your business look as professional as possible, and for that to be applied to everything bearing your company's name and logo.

Imagine someone looking to buy Chinese food. They come across three restaurants online. All three have similar pricing and similar items available. When comparing the three, the consumer is going to look for the restaurant presenting the most professional image. Why? Because consumers have more faith in the restaurant that gives off the best image. In turn, they associate that with having the best food. You are essentially showing the consumer, without words, that they are getting the best deal with your restaurant because your food is better and more professional than the others, but for the same price.

This is just one example of how a successful, custom-built visual identity and brand can separate your business from the competition.

Interested in a free consultation, or want more information? Please e-mail us at john@johndimediodesign.com

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