Identity, brand development, and logo design for The West Hill School, a very exclusive, high-end private preschool in the suburbs of Philadelphia.
The West Hill School logo captures meaning from the West Hill School Mission Statement and tradition. The color green has been associated with The West Hill School since its inception in 1966, so green was utilized in the new logo to continue this brand recognition. Also transferred to the new logo was the serif typeface with small caps. 

The negative space below the symbol is in the shape of a hill that ascends west, a fun play on the word "West Hill" located in the name of the school.

The West Hill School is located in the middle of a beautiful, suburban residential area, which the fence also reflects, as many of the homes have them including the school itself. The fence was incorporated into the logo to represent a sense of security and foundation. 

The 4 pillars in the fence represent the four words in the name of the school and the 4 color groups. The pillars themselves are in the shapes of crayons, which are the writing instruments the children utilize most at this age. The pillars/crayons ascending in height represent an upward trending growth chart, which visually shows the physical, social, cognitive and emotional growth children achieve during their time at The West Hill School. The colors of the crayons/fence posts go from dark to light representing the growth of all of the children as they progress from one group to the next.

And finally, horizontal shapes that represent connectedness, togetherness, and unity link all the crayons/fence posts relating to the tagline, Connect. Learn. Grow.
The West Hill School Symbol Visual Construction Process
The West Hill School Symbol Illustration
The West Hill School Full Logo with Tagline
The West Hill School Old & New Logo Comparison
Main Typeface for The West Hill School Typography
West Hill School Color Palette
The West Hill School Information Booklet/Brochure
(only some selected spreads shown)
The West Hill School Full Logo Sign Installation

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